Evert-Jan Ouweneel graduated cum laude in Philosophy from the Free University in Amsterdam. He developed a special interest in the key drivers of organizations and the ‘logics’ behind major social developments. Across the globe – from Westminster Abbey in London to Montsalvat in Melbourne — he leads sessions with senior leaders and boards. Goal: to clearly embed the organization’s convictions and aspirations in its strategy, culture, and communication. He helps both multinationals and startups to expose fads and capitalize on real opportunities with sharp questions and landscape analyses. At the same time, he inspires a wide variety of people – from politicians to executives to theater audiences – with his overviews of major social shifts in today’s world. Beside all this, Evert-Jan serves as vice-chair of the Supervisory Board of a large Christian Broadcast Company (EO), producing programs for public radio and television in the Netherlands.

Whether you seek clarification, inspiration or capitalization, as corporation, society or NGO, don’t hesitate to involve this experienced speaker and consultant in your efforts: info@evertjanouweneel.nl.

Evert-Jan Ouweneel represents:

20 years of experience in strategic consulting, resulting in:

      • A distinctive organizational philosophy for (new) employees and audiences.
      • Clear and non-apologetic corporate messaging around sensitive policy and identity issues.
      • Corporate convictions and aspirations embedded in the organization’s strategy and culture.
      • A clear understanding of the external landscape and the difference between fads and lasting opportunities.
      • Senior leaders staying focused on ‘what matters most’ when facing challenging times and transitions.

25 years of experience in public speaking:

      • Contexts: universities, theaters, corporations, radio & television, clubs, political partijies and NGO’s.
      • Topics: major social shifts (nationally and globally) and their impact on societies and industries.
      • Passion: to clarify, inspire, and strengthen everyone’s capabilities & reflection.

10 years of experience als Senior Advisor Vision & Fundraising within World Vision International:

      • Organization: focus on relief, development and advocacy with over 37,000 people in 100 countries; annual budget: $2,7 billion.
      • Contribution: advizing senior leaders and boards in 20 fundraising offices.
      • Including: 3 years Chief of Vision within World Vision Australia; annual budget: $400 miljoen.

Overview of organizations Evert-Jan worked with in especially the Netherlands and Australia:

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