A one-hour overview of major positive and negative trends in today’s world

If you have a spare hour, enjoy the video below in which I take you around the globe, summarizing the major positive and negative trends in today’s world. In 2018, I held this lecture for senior leaders of major corporations in Sydney and Melbourne (companies like Perpetual Limited, QBE, Deloitte, Karrikins Group, Oxford University Press, Worley Parsons and Pearson) in my role as Chief of Vision within World Vision Australia. This video was recorded by QBE in Sydney.


Three facts that defy our traditional perception of the world

Based on millennia of misery, one would assume that most of the fatalities in the world are caused by hunger, infectious diseases or violence. In reality, however, we have entered quite a different world. Today…

more people die from eating too much than from eating too little,

more people die of old age than of infectious diseases,

more people commit suicide than are killed by soldiers, terrorists or criminals.

So, to many people out there: take care of yourself, for you are now the biggest risk in your life!

Source: Our World in Data (2018)