Evert-Jan Ouweneel serves as Chief of Vision within World Vision Australia (50%) and as Senior Advisor Vision & Fundraising within World Vision International (50%). Outside of World Vision he  regularly holds seminars and lectures about major social developments in past and present.

As Chief of Vision, Evert-Jan leads within World Vision Australia the development of new ways of communicating the organisation’s vision and approach. Internally, he is responsible for equipping staff to explain what World Vision stands for and how this positively impacts our work. Externally, he provides thought leadership on global issues and the current need for both international collaboration and cross-cultural sensitivity and respect, with a special interest in the role of people’s hopes, beliefs and world views in today´s world.

World Vision Australia is the largest NGO in Australia with an annual budget of 400 million AUD. Within World Vision’s other fundraising offices (total budget 2.5 billion USD), Evert-Jan serves as Senior Advisor to Boards and Senior Leaders, focusing on the same activities and issues as in Australia.

Outside of World Vision, Evert-Jan developed extensive experience in describing major social developments. His one-day and one-evening seminars on 5000 years of civilizations and religions, China, Europe and World Trends have reached a wide audience. As a philosopher, he is especially interested in the logics behind events and in the major connections that make us see the wood for the trees again.

At the moment, Evert-Jan regularly holds one-day and one-evening seminars at the University of Nijmegen, the University of Tilburg, the Free University in Amsterdam and Theatre Figi (Zeist). He also holds lectures for a wide variety of organizations and companies (see below).

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